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Rose honey from Rosesfrombulgaria.com

Our offer includes not only cosmetic products. We also offer a wide selection of rose honey, jams and syrups. These are unique food products that will introduce an element of novelty to your kitchen. Not only do they smell beautiful, but they also taste great both served on their own and as an addition to drinks and desserts. Rose honey is undoubtedly a valuable addition to the kitchen, especially in autumn and winter, when the whole family needs to strengthen its immunity. And this is the basic action of every honey. Find out why it is worth buying Bulgarian rose honey from Rosesfrombulgaria.com.

Bulgarian rose honey – how is it made?

Bulgarian rose honey is made from the Damask rose, which is cultivated on a large scale in Bulgaria. This is where the famous Rose Valley is located, where the highest quality flowers are grown. Precious rose oil and hydrolate are obtained from them. Damascus roses are also used for drying, and their petals are used to create various food specialties such as sweets, jams and syrups.

Rose honey – properties

At the beginning, it should be noted that rose honey has a characteristic rose scent, which cannot be found in any other honey. This is what makes this product so unique. Moreover, even a completely natural product has a number of health-promoting properties, which means it should be included in the daily diet of every person who cares about taking care of their health.

First of all, rose honey is a strong antibiotic. It is characterized by antimicrobial activity. The compounds it contains destroy pathogens harmful to the body, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is therefore an invaluable component of the daily diet during the cold season. The product also effectively increases immunity and makes the body cope better with infections. They are more gentle and last shorter.

Rose honey is also recommended for people who are looking for a natural strengthening of the circulatory system and heart. It increases the body's efficiency and endurance, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and regulates blood pressure.

It is also worth reaching for it when we work intensively mentally. Bulgarian rose honey supports brain function and is also a quick and effective energy boost. Moreover, the substances contained in honey improve concentration. On the other hand, rose honey also has a soothing effect, helps you calm down and calms your nerves. It is an excellent strengthening for people with a weak nervous system. It also supports healthy sleep.

Rose honey is also worth reaching for because of its beneficial effects on the digestive system. It supports metabolism, prevents diarrhea, and regulates liver function.

Rose honey can also be used externally, as it helps with various types of wounds. It accelerates their healing, reduces the visibility of scars and prevents their formation.

Bulgarian rose honey – what does it contain?

Bulgarian rose honey contains B vitamins, vitamin C and K. Additionally, it contains almost all the elements and a lot of enzymes and antioxidants. Thanks to these substances, it has an antioxidant effect, which means that it eliminates free radicals in the body, which are a common cause of serious diseases. The antioxidants contained in rose honey also slow down the body's aging processes.

Rose honey – how to eat it?

Bulgarian rose honey can be consumed in various ways. First of all, it can be spread on sandwiches. It will also be a great addition to various types of desserts and drinks. A great practice is to dissolve a teaspoon of rose honey in lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. In this way, we will provide ourselves with energy and effectively strengthen our immunity.

Rose honey can also be used as a sweetener for coffee or tea. However, remember that in order not to lose its health-promoting properties, it should be added to liquids at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees.

Rose honey in beauty care

Rose honey, like all other honeys, can also be used in beauty care. The product has valuable moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening properties. You can use it to prepare a regenerating mask for your face or hair. Rose honey is also used in body care rituals. After using it, the skin becomes moisturized, smooth to the touch, soft and brightened. The hair regains its shine and beautiful, healthy appearance.

Bulgarian rose honey as a gift

Rose honey straight from Bulgaria is a great gift idea. A loved one who likes to take care of their health in a natural way, as well as a lover of unusual flavors, will certainly be happy with such a gift. At Kosmetykizdolinyroz.pl you can buy a jar of selected rose honey or buy attractive gift sets which, apart from the product in question, also include other delicacies such as rose syrups, jams or chocolate with rose petals.
The selection is wide, so we invite you to buy delicious different honeys from Kosmetykizdolinyroz.pl. See for yourself their extraordinary taste and captivating aroma.

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