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Gift bags with roses
When we prepare a gift for a loved one, not only its content is important, but also the way it was packed. Careful and esthetic packaging means that even a small gift has a special meaning and looks extremely stylish. To pack rose cream, lotion, shampoo or other products from our offer, the perfect gift bags with a rose motif, which you can also buy in our store.


Packaging is of the utmost importance!

When choosing a gift, we first consider what the person we want to give will like the most. We sometimes forget that even the most successful gifts lose their charm if they are packed in an unsightly way! Neat and careful packaging is the best way to show how important the person we want to give is to us. Taking care of choosing the right packaging, we also make sure to create the best impression!


Small gift bags

Contrary to traditional gift bags, our bags are made of durable, linen material and have a comfortable cuff, so that the gift can be packed and unpacked in a simple and instant way. The linen handbags are reusable, thus providing an environmentally friendly solution. They can be used not only as an original gift wrapping, but also, for example, for convenient storage of cosmetics while traveling. An attractive motif with roses gives them an extremely stylish look and makes even a small gift look very impressive!

We offer gift bags in various sizes that can be selected depending on the size of the gift. Small cosmetics such as soap, lip balm or hand cream can easily fit into a small 13x18 or 15x20 bag. For larger products, such as a lotion or shampoo, a medium-sized bag with dimensions of 18 x 24 cm is the perfect choice. The gift sets available in our offer can be packed in a large bag with dimensions of 22x30 cm.


Solid handbags - the best solution for the environment

For the sake of our planet, it is worth choosing products that can be used multiple times. Therefore, instead of the popular paper bags, which are easily damaged and quickly end up in the trash, it is better to use solid and durable fabric bags. The handbags available in our store are made of linen fabric, which ensures excellent durability. Thanks to this, you can use them for a long time without the risk that they will quickly deteriorate.

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